Food processor

Aveliats LLC, a fruit and vegetable processor located in the outskirts of Yerevan, has been engaged in food production since 2012. The dried fruit and canned food company was founded with the goal of providing its consumers with premium quality products that are ecologically sound, rich in taste and produced with special care.

Under the brand name “Nayiri food”, Aveliats LLC produces many different kinds of dried fruits, dried vegetables, juices, compotes and jams. The products are made exclusively from Armenian produce, using the clean spring water from the Armenian highlands and modern technology. “Nayiri food” products are exported to a number of countries, including Russia, the European Union, North America and China.

After six years of operation and targeted investments, the company’s production site is currently equipped with new machines and modern technology, including a brand-new laboratory for food quality assurance, and holds ISO 22000 certification (food safety management).

In light of the ongoing corporate growth based on gradually increasing demand for “Nayiri food”, in summer 2017 Aveliats LLC decided to invest in new equipment for packing and labelling as well as working capital (for vegetables, packing material). The EIB sub-loan enabled the enterprise to make the investments needed to facilitate a substantial increase in production with the benefit of significant energy savings, thus ensuring high levels of quality and compliance with international standards. In addition, Aveliats LLC benefits from further advantages, such as:

  • increased production output and improved product quality
  • reduced proportional production costs
  • increased productivity and reliability in production
  • improved working conditions as well as enhanced safety of employees
  • increased competitiveness on local and foreign markets
  • improved ability to enter new markets

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