Terms and conditions

The EIB sub-loan is a targeted way of supporting the efforts of Armenian SMEs/mid-caps to develop environmentally friendly and socially responsible businesses. Because many investments are not only aimed at business development, but also address the environmental problems we face today, EIB sub-loans are offered at preferential conditions by the Financial Institutions (FIs).

The programme facilitates investments in fixed assets and permanent working capital. Sub-projects are financed with preferential interest rates and entail flexible medium- and long-term repayment schedules, including grace periods, to generate optimal added value for the Armenian economy.

Terms and conditions:

Feature Information
Loan purpose 
  • The purchase, renovation or extension of tangible assets
  • Investments in intangible assets
  • Medium- and long-term working capital
Currency AMD 
Loan amount 

≤ EUR 1m (equivalent AMD) with total project costs ≤ EUR 2m

≤ EUR 5m (equivalent AMD) with total project costs ≤ EUR 12.5m

Loan maturity  ≤ 7.5 years with a maximum 2-year grace period 
Interest rate  defined by FIs 
Collateral requirements defined by FIs


The Financial Institutions are responsible for the financial analysis and the final decision vis-à-vis the disbursement of the EIB sub-loans. SMEs/mid-caps can apply for such loans directly from the participating institutions in the “EIB Loans for SMEs” programme. Please see the FIs’ websites for further information on how to apply for financing.

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