Supporting women-led SMEs’ access to finance and entrepreneurship in Armenia

The support activities for women-led SMEs focus on and analyse the feasibility of reducing barriers for female entrepreneurship through increased access to finance and include:

  • a market baseline assessment in order to systematically identify patterns related to women-led SMEs’ use of access to credit (or the lack thereof)
  • strategic planning with qualified financial institutions to support them in planning a women’s banking strategy
  • the development of an action plan to strengthen lending to women-led SMEs
  • the organisation of thematic round tables and events as well as conferences for stakeholders and broader audiences

Additionally, targeted trainings as well as basic diagnostic services are provided as direct support activities for women-led SMEs. Within the context of the Women’s Economic Empowerment Workshops for regional female entrepreneurs, we cover topics such as financial literacy, entrepreneurship and the socio-economic rights of women, barriers to women’s access to financial resources and the ability to run businesses. Furthermore, we provide information on successful cooperation between small enterprises and present environmentally friendly approaches to different business activities.

Up to now, more than 260 women-led SMEs have benefited from the training programme. Information about the next workshops can be found here.

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